17 afternoon teas delivered to your home with gideonperu

Whether you are looking for a delicious treat or pamper your loved one, here you will find the solution.

The blockade could have changed almost everything in our lives, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the love of the British public for afternoon tea.
The search for cream and afternoon tea on the Internet exploded when the UK was banned and continues to grow with closed favorite bakeries, and we are looking for alternatives to pamper ourselves and treat ourselves.
Unfortunately, many brands have jumped on the road to satisfy the sweet passion of the country, and options range from homemade afternoon teas to large spreads suitable for kings.

Serving creamy tea not only seems like an absolute pleasure, it is not like any other fast food restaurant, but also a special way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions during the blockade.

We’ve put together 16 of the most popular tea boxes and baskets you can order today, from famous tea houses and famous bakeries to exotic options for families and small businesses that bring home-made products.
The only thing missing is an old discussion about the cake: jam before cream or cream before jam?
Lunch tea Cutter & Squid at home
Now this pleasant London bakery serves afternoon tea across the country. The orange Signature box contains 2 cakes, 2 dream cakes, 4 butter cakes, 2 cups of Rhoda claw cream, a bowl of fruit jam, tea leaves of sweet cutter and squid.

Afternoon tea for 4 people

Imagine eating dazzling mini cakes and sandwiches with freshly baked buns, a bowl of lemon cream, strawberry jam, cream, mini buns, buns and seeds.

Then you can wash it off with a big cup of loose tea from my luxury Jing tea supplier.

Bollix at Shard has teamed up with partner restaurant Zama to provide Londoners with afternoon tea, which can be served openly for dinner and breakfast the next day.
There is a box of sandwiches, including 8 rolls (4 cranberries and 4 regular ones), which are served with eggs, jam, cream and honey with Vague beef and truffle mayonnaise. Well packaged in reusable glasses.
Sweet Booster comes in the form of at least 16 cakes and pastries, including mandarin, sherry, decadent chocolate cheesecake, passion fruit pie, a mixture of berry creams and goo cakes stuffed with Malagasy vanilla.
A mixture of 4 free tea leaves and a rotten bag completes a wonderful experience, and champagne can be added to touch the senses.

2 Pork pantry tea

It’s not just about cake delivery, it’s a huge and varied selection of all kinds of sweet and savory.
The offer includes cheese and onions, traditional Scotch eggs, mini sausages (some with cheese and cucumber), two buns with cream and strawberry jam and four buns (carrot cake with blueberries and lemon cheese cream) bananas). ) and Earl Gray tea bags.
Afternoon in the Winter Wonderland, 40 pounds per person
Available before the New Year, this sumptuous afternoon tea combines all our favorite hot flavors with a variety of cakes (Good morning, gingerbread cupcakes) and sandwiches.

Dessert is served with selected homemade chocolate and cranberry buns, jam and cream.

Of course, no breakfast is complete without fresh tea, and this tea comes with three generous boxes of tea leaves and a bag of warm flavored tea.
Our favorite is a Christmas tea blend made with Ceylon tea, enriched with Sri Lankan slices of apple, cinnamon and onion to create a warm seasonal flavor with almonds and chocolate.

All you need for afternoon tea at home, wash the pancakes and put them in the oven. Within seconds, you’ll have a warm and sweet dessert with whipped cream and tea!
Gluten Free Afternoon Tea Gift Box, £15
Choose from two raspberry pies, cherry bowl frangipani, millionaire cake, two chocolate brownies and two slices of crunchy Italian Cantuccia biscuits.

Tea time favorite gift box

There are bread tins, but we love tea tins for something unique.
Options include Betty’s Tea Room (80 tea bags), chocolate pastries, Yorkshire Bread Loaf and Yorkshire Gingerbread (a nod to the original Harrogate Tea Room).
Great afternoon tea for two
If you want an excellent experience from start to finish, the hotel’s beautifully packaged tea includes a variety of vegetarian or meat snacks, as well as large cakes with concentrated cream and hours. If you haven’t eaten enough, top it with pasta, mini bread, and meringue as a side dish.

Grandma tea cream for 4 ل

These cream boxes are delivered directly to your home by Lola Bakery. Inside is freshly baked bread with heavy cream and delicious organic strawberry jam. There is also a bottle of fresh orange juice to wash it all down with.
Japanese Tea Rolls, 28.95 lbs
If you’ve ordered tea for the baking lover in your life, this afternoon tea is perfect for making your own.
This magical barrier contains all the delicious ingredients for making white pea plus black currant and plum jam.

Humber T truffle cream

Devon Haven Buns is the recipe Kristy Alsop used on her Channel 4 show, and now you can try real baked goods without leaving your home.
This truffle cream tea contains 4 Devon Cake Rolls, Lang Farm Condensed Cream, Strawberry Jam, Devon Haven Premium Chocolate Truffle and 2 Devonshire Tea Bags. You can also add an attractive gift card when you send it as a gift.

The Chinese build ancient barriers

Filled with sweets, jam and tea, this beautifully packaged afternoon tea is served with an earthenware plate and mug so that the recipient can enjoy a wonderful afternoon tea.
Choose a car for 1, 2, or 4 people, or double it if you’re sending it to a larger group.

tea gift box

Filled with Fortnum’s signature sweet tea blend and raspberry jam – a delicious afternoon tea with toast, bagel or Rusk and all the buttery Pearl Piccadilly Chocolate Candies, this gift box is a true tea party.
It’s perfect as a whimsical gift or as a concession to yourself.
English afternoon tea for 4, £29.50
For those who love sweets, this box contains a mix of Caramel and Salt Cakes, Oreo Brownies, Peanut Butter Brownies, and Honey Brownies with Tea pigs Everyday Brew, Tea pigs Jelly Temple, and ice cream.

good evening tea

Cutter & Squidgy has rounded up all our favorite holiday deals so you can enjoy the comfort of your own home this year. Served with molasses bread (with vanilla cream filling and Christmas lid) and minced meat pie with rolls, jam and cream.
Christmas might be a little different this year, but our enjoyment of all the great shows is the same.

Cream tea and cupcake

This creamy tea is delicious with two rich brownies served with homemade vanilla and chocolate.
Also includes homemade Devon rolls, award-winning Devon Cream bowl, strawberry jam and Dalian lunch tea, and a delicious bag of whipped cream with Telemann’s House Cream.