Finding the Best Knife Set for Under $200 - Anolon Cutlery

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Finding the Best Knife Set for Under $200 - Anolon Cutlery

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Purchase a good kitchen block set and you not only get a great deal, you also get a great place to store your knives. One of the best deals on the market today is Anolon Cutlery, with great sets that range from approximately 100 to 200 dollars. Buy one of the many sets Anolon has on offer and you won't be disappointed.

When it comes to knives, a kitchen block set is the way to go unless you need multiple copies of the same knife. Buying knives as a set gives you a couple benefits. For one, most sets come with a nice block that is ideal for storing knives in. Without this block, you're forced to throw your knives in a drawer or some type of container where they rub against each other. This causes the blades to chip and lose their edge much faster than blades that are kept separate from one another. In addition to the block, most sets usually throw in 4 to 8 steak knives as well.

While getting a block to store your knives in is nice, the biggest benefit to buying a set is the cost savings. When you buy a set, you get a significant discount from what it would cost you to buy each blade configuration individually. You can use the money you saved to buy other blade types that aren't included in the set, or you can save it and know you got the best deal possible.

One of the best deals on the market right now is Anolon Cutlery. Anolon has made quite a name for themselves in the kitchen cookware world and is now looking to do the same in the kitchen cutlery arena. From the looks of things, they are looking to build upon their reputation by offering sets of knives that complement their already-renowned cookware.

Whether you're a professional chef or someone looking for a set for your kitchen, you'll find that Anolon Cutlery has you covered. The blades are crafted from high-carbon Japanese stainless steel. The forged blade is heat-treated and then ice-hardened, which creates a strong blade that with great edge-retention. This ensures that the forged blade will stay sharp while holding rust and stains at bay. While no metal is impervious to rust or stains, Japanese stainless steel will last many years if taken care of properly. Keep your knives clean and dry, and your set could potentially last a lifetime. ... Shick.html